FSX VFC-13 Tiger Camo


Flight Simulator X VFC-13 Tiger Camo

VFC-13 Tiger Camo     Support a Mercy Flight near you

To install this aircraft:

As always back up any original files.

1.Unzip downloaded folders to your desktop or temporary directory of your choice.

2.Copy the " VFC-13 Tiger Camo  "  and paste it in the main aircraft folder.

By default the main aircraft folder is located at:

"C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFSXSIM Objects /Aircraft  .

3. Be sure to completely unzip all files the aircraft file when complete will Cotain 6 files   the Following 6 files goes in the aircraft folder     CFG  Airfile    Model    Sound    Panel   Textures

4. Unzip the gauges folder and put the gauges in the FSX gauges folder located at  "C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFSXGauges "

5. Unzip the Effects folder and put the Effects in the FSX Effects folder located at  "C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFSXEffects "

Tim Piglet Conrad
Piglet's Peculiar Planes

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Create Date31 octobre 2015
Last Updated31 octobre 2015

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