FS 2004 De Havilland (Airco) DH-4


FS 2004 De Havilland (Airco) DH-4

FS 2004 De Havilland (Airco) DH-4

The De Havilland (Airco) DH-4

was was the only US built aircraft to see combat during World War I. When the US entered the war in April 1917, the Aviation Section of the Signal Corps only had 132 aircraft, and all were obsolete.  Colonel R. C. Bolling was commissioned to study current Allied aircraft designs being used at the front and to arrange for their manufacture in America.    By the end of the war, 3,431 had been delivered to the Air Service and many served with the RFC. By Chris Herring & Randy Lee Foss. Repaint and Various textures by Randy (Baron von Blutwurst) Lee Foss for Chris (NCGent) Herring's Original DH-4 Bomber Model. You may contact me at RanLeeFoss@aol.com with any comments you may have or visit me at www.screenshotArt.com and toss me a PM.

1 Repaint by Randy Lee Foss for the DH-4 Bomber created by Chris (NCGent) Herring. To use these textures you must first download the source file located at, http://www.sim-outhouse.com/downloads/download.php?lloc=downloads&FileID=9474 ,. I have only included the textures I have painted or modified. Copy the source file textures and paste them into your new texture.White 11 folder saying NO!!! to any overwrites.

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