FS2004 FSX PA-48 Enforcer


FS2004 FSX PA-48 EnforcerFS2004 FSX PA-48 Enforcer

FS2004 FSX  PA-48 Enforcer

With new ideas of how to keep the P-51 Mustang alive in 1968 and in service, the long-standing workhorse Merlin V- 12 was replaced with a turboprop.
This mod was not funded by the USAF, but by Cavalier.
The new modification was called the Turbo Mustang III. Later, Cavalier sold the project to Piper. The Enforcer had little in common with the original P-51 and it was flight tested in April 1971. The USAF, under pressure from Congress, did order two prototype PA-48 from Piper. No other orders were placed and the project died. The two PA- 48 Enforcers do exist today at USAF Museums.
GMAX model by A.F.Scrub

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