FS2004 P-51D Mustang 6N-H


FS2004 P-51D Mustang 6N-H

This is a repaint for both the WOP P-51D and WWII Fighters P-51D. This aircraft, marked 6N-H 'Chute! You're Faded' was the plane assigned to Captain George T. Rich of the 505th FS, 339th FG from Fowlmere. Some of his recollections can be found here: http://www.web-birds.com/8th/339/tom_rich.htm.Repaints by Jan Kees Blom.

I have included two versions here: one with and one without gunstains on the wings. If you want the version without the gunstains, replace the 'sw_p51d_t_1' file with the 'sw_p51d_t_1_no stains' file by renaming the latter


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